All One Yoga


Saturdays 9am- 10:15am

Prenatal Drop-in: $16


"The purest thing in the world is the heart of a mother. ... It can move the universe. It can cause an effect beyond limitation." -Yogi Bhajan


Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise at anytime in life, but especially so during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a very special and unique time, and yoga helps create the space to integrate and adapt to that uniquness and gradually adjust priorities and lifestyle. In practicing yoga we become stronger, more flexible, and take an important step towards nurturing ourselves and living conscously.

Pre-natal yoga offers moms a place to explore the changes in their bodies, free from expectations or pressures. Gentle stretching often relieves many of the common discomforts of pregnancy, while specific asanas (postures) help moms prepare for labor and birth. Pre-natal yoga classes adapt common physical yoga postures, with an understanding of the changes and needs of the pregnant body, to create a safe, flowing, holistic practice. The practice is designed to be gentle enough for people completely new to yoga and stretching, but more experienced students can adapt the postures to their own desired level of challenge.

Yoga classes also offer moms a chance to connect with their bodies, with their unborn babies, and with other mothers in thir community. Check-in circles at the start of every class give moms a chance to share experiences with one another, as well as request the specific poses or stretches they need that day. As we practice, moms connect with their babies both by sensing or feeling them within, by rocking them within their bodies through rhythmic yoga vinyasas (flows), and growing sensitive to the changes within. The sentisivity developed in class helps moms become attuned to the messages of their own bodies during labor, and to the needs of the baby after birth.

Along with physical flexibility, moms also can cultivate mental flexibility, giving themselves the tools to work with the unpredictable process of labor and coming motherhood. Mothers learn the importance of being present which allows them to make decisions from a consciously relaxed place.

The Prenatal Program at All One Yoga provides a safe and supportive environment where you can meet other expectant moms. The connections you build here may well extend beyond the studio and perhaps into your children’s' lives! To prepare for this class:

    • Please do not eat 60 to 90 minutes before class.
    • Wear comfortable, loose clothing in layers so that you can adjust your temperature throughout class.
    • Props are provided at the studio, but if you would like to bring your own towel or cushion you are welcome to do so.
    • Bring plenty of water to drink throughout class in a sealable container and if you are struggling with nausea, feel free to bring some small snacks or ginger chews with you into the classroom.
    • This program is growing at All One Yoga and has lots of room to expand (mommy/baby yoga, expectant mother and father classes, Little Bundles class at My Gym, etc) so if you have suggestions or requests, please let us know!