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Special Classes and Upcoming Workshops:

Saturday October 25th, 2pm-4pm, $20 
Are you interested in self-healing through your yoga practice?  Meridian Channels are pathways that flow through the length of the body, these channels are where Qi (or energy) flows. Specific channels relate to specific areas of the body and specific diseases and when our energy channels become "blocked" or deficient, we get sick, we become fatigued, and our body can't function as optimally as possible. We can use our yogic practice, along with acupressure techniques to open these channels, allowing our Qi to flow smoothly and opening ourselves up for a happier and healthier life.  We will work through a flow to help re-balance our bodies and prepare for the change of season. We will spend time focusing on main acupressure points to help relieve the ailments of Fall, including, but not limited to: Allergies, headaches, fatigue, stress, and sickness.
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Sunday November 2nd, 1:30pm-3:30pm, $20

Tight hips affect our posture and our practice. Our hips often hold our stress and emotional baggage. When the hips hold tension, they can mirror the jaw in their tendency to grip. Our hips act as a barometer for the rest of our body.  We'll explore the full range of motion in this ball and socket joint, working to create softness, ease and space. Class will be around 80 degrees. We'll flow and incorporate longer holds, slowing down with a more restorative practice at the end, leaving you refreshed and grounded. Sign up HERE


Sunday November 2nd at 4:30pm 
Don't miss out!  Mary's once a month restorative, candle lit class is a great way to start your week ahead!  Sign up HERE

Sunday November 16th, 1:30pm-3:30pm, $25

Holiday madness leaving you stressed out?  Midterms driving you crazy?  Life just moving too fast?  Join Ashleigh for this cleansing, grounding, and restorative workshop.  We will move through a detoxifying and centering Vinyasa practice, coupled with Pranayama or breath work, to help you sweat out the stress!  The second half of this workshop will focus on mediation with a guided Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep.  In a supported Savasana, using blankets and bolsters, Ashleigh will guide you through a deeply restorative mediation.  You will reunite mind and body, and settle an intention to help you remain centered once you are off the mat.  Sign up HERE and press pause for the afternoon to come back to your center!

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